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This guide shows you how to replace a spa air blower. It will stop the water from slugging the new blower.

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Refer to Diagram 1 1.

Spa air blower diagram. The air is injected into the spa by. If you notice odd things going on with the water jets such as an inconsistency from normal pressure jets turning off on their own or just poor pressure its time for a new spa blower. We stock over 130000 individual parts for all makes and models of.

Spa air blower diagram Written By Endang Sri Wahyuni Tuesday February 23 2021 Add Comment Edit. BLOWER SIZING FOR AIR CHANNEL Number of holes The number of holes in the spa floor and seats determine the size of your air blower. Install blower no less than 1 foot 305 mm above the maximum water level to prevent water from contacting electrical equipment.

CG Air SLE-90-23050-CE-6 Air Blower Air blower manufactured by CG Air of Canada known as the Silver blower from their rangeSupplied with bare wire ends for either connection using spade. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW IF YOU NEED A 120V or 240V MOTOR. Install at least 5 feet 15 m from pool spa water using nonmetallic plumbing.

This guide shows you how to replace a spa air blower. The spa blower generates air and sends it into your spa. Warranty does not cover blower issues caused by water ingress.

Tropic Air Silent Whisper Jet II 3-115110SW 20HP 120 Volt Air Blower. A hot tub blower is a unit that uses a fan to create air flow and then channels that air through the jets in a hot tub or spa. Air blower spa hot tub air pump CG Air SLE-90-23050-CE-6 Air Blower.

To remedy that either replace the blower with a higher-capacity model or modify the air piping system. Outside spa blowers use millions of tiny bubbles to provide a great therapeutic spa experience without excess equipment noise. A hot tub is a wonderful thing to have.

1100w 48A Ametek Lamb Electric Two Stage Spa Air Blower Motor. The check valve supplied with the. To install the blower below water level or if the blower air line drops below the bottom of the spa use the Hartford Loop plumbing configuration see Diagram 3 to prevent the air line from filling with water.

We stock over 130000 individual parts for all makes and models of tubs all at the guaranteed lowest discount prices. The components of a hot tub blower are the fan motor housing and the ducting. Remember these turns add to the work a blower must do to force air into the spaWater depth.

Spa air blower diagram. For each 10 feet of 2 air line add 1 to water depth. Spa Air Blower Motor 1 5 Hp 120 Volt Pool and spa air blower models.

For each 90 degree angle add 12 to water depth. Spa air blower diagram. Outside spa blowers draw ambient air in and push it through multiple injectors in the spa seats to create an enhanced experience.

Water pressure bearing down into the air channel or air injectors must be countered by the force of the air pushed through the piping. Spa air blower diagram. If you have this system you will see salt shaker fittings in.

Listed check valve as shown. Plumb a 12 lb. Total length of 2 pipe from blower to spa.

For example if either the spas air holes or the blowers distance from the hot tub are inadequate the blower will work too hard. Check your data label. Check you spa type.

Psb110 psb210 psb115 psb215 psb120 psb220 h0507900revg. As possible to the spa. 240V 700 watt.

Spa air blower diagram. Installation and instruction manual for outdoor air blowers silencer galaxy and astro series models. Electrical wiring and repairs can be dangerous especially around water and must be.

The spa was manufactured with a channel system where by the air from the spa blower is channeled to these holes. Patrick shows a typical. The number of 90-degree turns.

Tropic Air Silent Whisper Jet II 3-2220SW 20HP 220 Volt Air Blower Replace with Silencer. Spa blower check valve. The spa blower generates air and sends it into your spa.

Air Injectors – In this method air is ported to individual jets. Spa air blower diagram. Air Channel integral to the Spa – If you have this method you will see a series of holes drilled into the spa – usually at the seats and floor.

Spa air blower diagram. In this video from ametek precision moton control engineer patrick melick of the. Air line is 30ft all inclusive.

It is sometimes referred to as an air pump or a bubbler because it creates bubbling in the. 1-12 PVC Pipe to Bu blers b V entu ee i T r 2 PVC Pipe W ater Fl ow Air Fl ow Air. The deeper the water the greater the burden on the blower.

Two stage spa air blower motor suits many spa air blowers with ratings from 1000w-1300w onga dega 7A 5060Hz 220-240v 48A 102 CFM 173 cubic metreshr open head – approx 155 cubic metreshr at 06m he. Install in accordance with the installation instructions. This may look confusing when you look underneath your spa but its quite simple if you follow the below diagrams.

It will say the voltage on the motorThe Plastic version of either one is recommended due to price and. There are many variables to consider when choosing the proper size air blower for your spa. For a 10 hp blower the total hole area should be 85 square inches for a 15 hp blower the hole area should be 12 square inches and for a 20 hp blower the total hole area should be 15 square inches.

Number of 90 degree angles used in the air line. One of the key factors in designing a blower air system is preventing water from flowing backwards into the blower motor assembly. Actual water depth not total depth of spa.

Outside spa blowers draw ambient air in and push it through multiple injectors in the spa seats to create an enhanced experience.

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